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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A full day at Plas Nantglyn for St. Mark's.

Wow! I am exhausted by just taking photos of this group. The day was very action packed and was filled with glorious sunshine throughout. The actvities today included the bottle run, dam building, rope swinging across the stream, breaking codes, a camp fire and much more.

Some early morning sporting fun.

Time for the bottle run.

Teamwork at its very best.

Sending coded messages to those on  the other side of the field.

Learning to cook on a fire.

Make sure the waffles are nice and crispy.

That looks like a good solid fire.

Dam building

The queue for the rope swing which has always been very popular here.

Singing around the camp fire.

Guitar, camp fires, some lovely songs. Much better than watching TV

Just getting in to a good voice.


  1. whoops camp fire tonight lol great pictures from today :) x kay and elaine x