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Monday, September 5, 2011

Holy Trinity Day 4

The day started off with the very popular bottle run. Team 5 ended the event as champions, completing the course in a respectable 1minute and 10 seconds. After this the same 6 teams competed in the wide game. The aim was to save the last remaining hair tonic of Wayne Rooney, necessary for him to be successful in tomorrow night's game against Wales!! This was followed by a walk over the rolling hills around the centre.

Teamwork was essential in the bottle run for a quick time.

The Bottle Run

The teachers decided to have a go themselves but needed to warm up their muscles. They came through the course in 54 seconds to beat the children's dream team time of 59 seconds.

The Wide Game

Happy at saving the 'hair tonic'.

This game is all about speed and agility.

A 7.5 mile walk was an afternoon treat for the Super Long Walkers.

These short walkers had a walk of over 3 miles.

Happy to be half way through.

Look children 'It's a buzzard'.

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