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Monday, September 12, 2011

Thorley Hill at the centre

What an action packed day! It was a bit windy but the children still managed to complete a lot of activities on their first full day in Wales. After cereal followed by sausages and beans it was time for the bottle run. It was slow start but with John's guidance teams soon began to work well together and cut down their times. After this it was time for one of the Nantglyn nature trails around the village. Back from this it was lunch and then onto the team activities of croquet, bridge building, damming the stream and an obstacle course. There was even time after this for Mr Gordon's wide game to use up any lasting bits of energy!

The tricky start to the bottle run.

Over the stream and through the trees was part of the course.

The Winning Team. Boooooooo!

Croquet on the main lawn was one of the team challenges.

The obstacle course; where the aim was to make a handle for a bucket and get it around the course without spilling any water.

Happy to have got around with a pretty full bucketful.

Is the water going back upstream??

Is this bridge good enough for 'granny' to get across and collect her pension?

Another dam building team.

More croquet

Taking down the dam and trying to make it seem that it was never there.
Feeding Charles and Millie the left over apple cores from lunchtime.

Mr. Gordon's wide game involved a lot of cheering and running.