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Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

After a trip to Rhyl Sun Centre and some fun on the beach Holy Trinity arrived at our centre at 3:30pm. 48 children and 6 staff along with John the coach driver ready for an action packed few days in Wales. A special mention to Mr. Aspin who is on his 25th visit to Plas Nantglyn! Below are some pictures of the children having fun on the field after the evening meal.

The red and yellow teams start off the match with great skill and speed.

Yippee, we're in Wales!

Some frisbee on the field (it only got stuck 3 times in a tree!)

The match ended 13-13 so a penalty shoot out decided the matter.

Trying to hide from the others.

Frisbee on the field

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