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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kirkby's finest take on a medley of mystery activities

The final day at the centre arrived and the sun shone once more! The morning was spent tackling 5 different activities around the centre including geocaching (don't worry Mr T didn't know what it was either), an Easter egg hunt (slightly early), bridge building, parachute games and the bottle run. The afternoon consisted of a short (3 hour) walk around the village following a set of clues before heading back to Plas Nantglyn for dinner and a campfire to round the week off.  
Letters and sounds take on a whole different meaning in Wales.

Year 5 girls try and fail to phone home (not really!!)

Ofsted visit Plas Nantglyn and find the Kirkby C of E teachers to be their field  

The campfire in full flow.

Bliss entertains the troops with her rendition of Dolly's not Whitney's version of 'I will always love you'.

Counting the frogspawn and tadpoles.

Now where are they?

Eating the rewards as the eggs are found.

The Easter egg hunt rules are explained.

Posing at the bottle run

Building bridges

The bridge builders take a well deserved tea break.

Para para parachute

The children make a controlled landing after their skydive.

It's hot in here

A well deserved rest

The team prepare to hunt the caches 

Don't worry - for health and safety reasons only plastic bottles were used.

Team work is the key for the bottle run!

Posing on the nature walk.

Are we nearly there yet?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kirkby at Stars!

Another action packed day for us today. After breakfast we headed off to the local town of Denbigh to Stars! 6 activities were completed throughout the day and great fun was had by all. Evening was rounded off with a film - The Muppets! Photos below........

After delivering all the milk the children rose to the challenge of crate stacking - the more the merrier

Niamh Hitchmough goes for double digits - 9 and counting.....

The triumphant team - posing for the camera leaving poor Liam to wobble without support

Crates at the ready

Come to Wales- go down the mines boyo

The Stars staff pose with 49 shattered, exhausted but happy children. 

Film night - 12 children fell asleep (honest)

Brent and Harry in action on the team challenge. 

Holly concentrating and not spilling a single drop.

"Up, up, up, left a bit, down a bit, left a bit, FIRE!" says the dulcet tones of Anne Aston (which parents remember The Golden Shot?)

Matthew strikes a real action pose - sadly he is only a foot off the ground.

"The Golden Shot" - literally. Well done Luke

It's like darts they're just a bit longer.

Incey Wincey Spiders climbed up the wall

Who says Hunter wellies are just for show??

Pick your route red is hard yellow is hard and green is hard.

3 members of staff spend the day at the local 5 star luxurious spa

Aeroball involves a ball and believe it or not - air. Jack shows off his silky skills

Waiting on picking up hints and tips for their Aeroball match

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kirkby at the centre

Well what an exhausting day! After breakfast we all went out on to the field to dam the stream with the Oak team being victorious. Then it was time to test their cooking skills (or lack of them) as they built their own fires and cooked waffles on them. Also, their were trials for the Wales Olympic rope swing team. In the afternoon we went around the village on the orienteering course with some very quick times! Excellent all round performances! Then the latter half of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sunshine on the field and in the garden. After dinner we all walked down to the village to post our postcards back home. Then a quick read of the blog comments and off to bed.......   

Orienteering using good old maps - SatNavs are a thing of the past.

The midnight walk actually took place at 8:43 and 12 seconds.
For hands that do dishes as soft as your face use Mild Green Morrisons Own Brand Liquid
Harry 'chillaxing'
Islands in the stram, that is what we are etc etc...
Dam it!
Panning for gold nuggets
Rock n Roll
Another dam(n) picture
Let me think - leaves and twigs or solid rocks to build the dam??
Nice work if you can get it.
Amie waffling again
I'm a firestarter........
Me tarzan, you Bethany.
Stuey trying to hide behind the rope!
Kasey's bandana/crash helmet comes in useful.

Luke aiming for the Olympic rope swing squad (and failing miserably).

Wish you were here - not! Who will arrive home first, us or the postcards.
Most people shuffle across the top - not our Lucy!

Gas mark 6 for forty minutes was way off the mark.