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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kirkby at the centre

Well what an exhausting day! After breakfast we all went out on to the field to dam the stream with the Oak team being victorious. Then it was time to test their cooking skills (or lack of them) as they built their own fires and cooked waffles on them. Also, their were trials for the Wales Olympic rope swing team. In the afternoon we went around the village on the orienteering course with some very quick times! Excellent all round performances! Then the latter half of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sunshine on the field and in the garden. After dinner we all walked down to the village to post our postcards back home. Then a quick read of the blog comments and off to bed.......   

Orienteering using good old maps - SatNavs are a thing of the past.

The midnight walk actually took place at 8:43 and 12 seconds.
For hands that do dishes as soft as your face use Mild Green Morrisons Own Brand Liquid
Harry 'chillaxing'
Islands in the stram, that is what we are etc etc...
Dam it!
Panning for gold nuggets
Rock n Roll
Another dam(n) picture
Let me think - leaves and twigs or solid rocks to build the dam??
Nice work if you can get it.
Amie waffling again
I'm a firestarter........
Me tarzan, you Bethany.
Stuey trying to hide behind the rope!
Kasey's bandana/crash helmet comes in useful.

Luke aiming for the Olympic rope swing squad (and failing miserably).

Wish you were here - not! Who will arrive home first, us or the postcards.
Most people shuffle across the top - not our Lucy!

Gas mark 6 for forty minutes was way off the mark.


  1. Hi Liam and gang , looks like you are having a great time , hope your eating and sleeping well try and get on some pics for us mate , love you millions mum , dad , Jack , Lewis , Adam and Alfie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Niamh looks like u have had a lovely day. Hope u r sleeping and eating well hope u have taken pics as well. We all miss u and love u lots Mum Dad and Lucy xxxxxxx

  3. Great pictures another lovely day for u all, u look like your having a great time Kimmie love and miss u millions love and cuddles Mum, Dad, Amy, Sean, Rosie and Tyson xxxxxxxx Sean said he loves u loads xxxxx

  4. Seeing your lovely little smiling face on this pic,has made my night Holster :D Missing you loads, love you Xx
    You all look like you're having a great time!!!

  5. Hello Adam, hope you're having a great time, we are all missing you loads, loads of love Mum,Dad,leanne and Jack xxx

  6. Hi Caitlin,

    Can't wait to taste your burnt waffles when you get back haha, looks like you are all having a great time. Looking forward to your next lot of pictures tomorrow.

    Love ya lots :o)

  7. Hi luke, looks like you've had another busy day! Hope you are sleeping well,look forward to seeing more pics, love mum dad & charlotte. xxx

  8. Hi Betty

    Hope you are having a nice time! From the look of the pic's you are! We are all missing you lots! Can't wait to see the next set of pic!

    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Shannon, Connor, Ozkar and Skye xxxxxx

  9. Lucy is that you hanging off that log?
    You look like your having a lovely time. Miss you millions. Dad

  10. Hi Amie,
    just showing you nan (Joan) all the great pics!!! now we know you can cook, she said you can do her tea when you get back!!! she is missing you lots, we all are!!! have a great time love you xxxxxx

  11. Hi Katie looks like your having loads of fun in the sun!!!! Enjoying looking at the pictures cant wait to see what you've been up to today missing you loads the Robo's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hi Stu

    looks like you having great fun , love the picture. all missing you , house is so quite .

  13. Hi charlotte just a little message from your mum and dad - How was it crossing the log? Did you make it to the other side, we hope you did. Enjoy the rest of your week love mum and dad.xx

  14. Hi Niamh O'Hare, looks like you had another fun filled day, saw you on the log ! haha, Rosie's missing you lots, so are we, see you soon, love you, Mum Dad and Rosie. :) x

  15. Hi Louise hope you having a great time, looking at the photos you all look like you are having a good time. Love from Mum and Dad x

  16. Hi Holly the weather has been lovely again. Hope your putting your sun cream on. We're all missing you loads.Enjoy the rest of your week. Love Mum, Dad, Sean,Isabel and your grandparents xxx.

  17. Harry P doing the dishes! Everybody here's missing you even Jack! Carry on enjoying yourself, lots of love Mum and Dad xx

  18. love the pics hope you having a brill time ellie and all cant wait to see you friday xxxxxxxxxxxxx night night xx

  19. Hi Niamh,Hope your having a nice time.Missing you.Love your friend Sian Mcguffie.x x x

  20. Hi Christopher we have all enjoyed looking at the photos, cant see you on any though. Matthews going to France tomorrow he said he will see you on Sunday.Lydia said to say she is really missing you, have fun tomorrow lots of love Mum,Dad Matthew and Lydia xx

  21. hi lucie hope your having a lovely time at least the weather in warmer this time missing you loads dont forget to use the cameras see you friday love you mummy xxxxxxxx

  22. Hi faye look great looks like yuz having a great time.looking forward to some more .tell r brent liverpool vs blue noses at wembley...c u.soon dad.mum.kayly.rascall..xxxx