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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kirkby's finest take on a medley of mystery activities

The final day at the centre arrived and the sun shone once more! The morning was spent tackling 5 different activities around the centre including geocaching (don't worry Mr T didn't know what it was either), an Easter egg hunt (slightly early), bridge building, parachute games and the bottle run. The afternoon consisted of a short (3 hour) walk around the village following a set of clues before heading back to Plas Nantglyn for dinner and a campfire to round the week off.  
Letters and sounds take on a whole different meaning in Wales.

Year 5 girls try and fail to phone home (not really!!)

Ofsted visit Plas Nantglyn and find the Kirkby C of E teachers to be their field  

The campfire in full flow.

Bliss entertains the troops with her rendition of Dolly's not Whitney's version of 'I will always love you'.

Counting the frogspawn and tadpoles.

Now where are they?

Eating the rewards as the eggs are found.

The Easter egg hunt rules are explained.

Posing at the bottle run

Building bridges

The bridge builders take a well deserved tea break.

Para para parachute

The children make a controlled landing after their skydive.

It's hot in here

A well deserved rest

The team prepare to hunt the caches 

Don't worry - for health and safety reasons only plastic bottles were used.

Team work is the key for the bottle run!

Posing on the nature walk.

Are we nearly there yet?


  1. More great pics,looks like you've all had a fab time!! Loved this blog so a big thank you to whoever was responsible for giving me an insight into your adventure. Goodnight everyone, see you tomorrow Holster i CAN'T wait!!! Love you XXX

  2. Would like to say Thank you for this website and for giving Niamh and her friends a great experience, I have loved being able to see what they have got up to and each night have eagerly waited for the pics.
    Can't wait to see you later Niamh love you lots xxxxxxx

  3. Hello Adamski, it looks like you've had another great day, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it later, Hope you have a great day today as well. I too would like to thank the blog author/authors for keeping us updated on the children's adventures and for the great photos.
    See you later Adamski lots of love Mum,Dad,Leanne and Jack xxxx

  4. Hi to all I just wanna say thanks from all are family for helping us follow Liam's adventure it's been great and exiting to see what he has been up to each day . And I am sure from Liam he will want to thank you all for making his week away an experience he will keep with him for the rest of his life
    Thank you Emma and family x

  5. I would like to say a great big thank you to all the staff at Nantglyn also the Teachers for giving my daughter Niamh O'hare this wonderful fun filled exciting experience, cant wait to get her back now though and give her a big cuddle, From Gillian O'hare Niamh's Mum. x

  6. Thank you to everyone for looking after my Kimmie and making sure everyone had a great time xx

  7. I would just like to say a big thanks to all the staff, Luke has had a fab time and it's been great being able to see the fantastic adventure they've all been on. Thanks sharon and family. x

  8. i would like to thank all the staff it was ellie first trip away from home and put it this way she was still not ready to come home which has amazed me, so thanks again it shows mw how independant she can be :) from sheryll jones x

  9. Iwould like to say thankyou to all the staff at Plas Nantglyn and teachers for the lively time Katie has had thanks the Robinson family x