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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moore take to the Stars!

Racing on the climbing wall.

Fun in the rain at archery.

First up - lacrosse

Ali with the record for crate stack of 14!!! Well done.

Looking good is more important than finding the bullseye.

Learning the ropes before being let loose on the climbing wall.

Fun on the trampolines doing aeroball.

Emily and aeroball

Logan, Billy and George start off the caving.

Crate stacking

Lacrosse fun!


  1. Hi Year 5! Looks like you are having a fantastic time! Hi to Euan, hope you are enjoying yourself. Cant wait to hear all about it over a big plate of spag bol!! Love Mum,Dad,Seth,Saul&Lola xxx

  2. Wow! Looks like your having an amazing time guys! Lochy said he would love to have a go at that climbing wall Em.
    Keep having fun!
    See you Friday loads a love hugs & kisses mum,dad, rach & lochy xxxxxx

  3. fantastic climbing Amelia, looks like everyone is having a fab time, cant wait to hear all about it, love mum and dad xxx

  4. Just spotted you on the back row Thalia!! Hope you are enjoying yourself and having lots of fun! One more day to go woo hoo! Lots of love mum xxxxx

  5. Hi year 5 ! We have just been looking at all the photo's, they look great. Leon, Mum, Sonny and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Love and Hugs Dad...

  6. Looks like your all having a fab time, enjoy your last night George, love you & see you tomorrow. Love Mum, Dad, Jonno, Ollie & Claudia xxxxxx

  7. Looks like your having a fab time year 5 , I want a go on the trampolines ! Miss u jack h see you tomorrow. Mum and dad xx