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Thursday, May 31, 2012

St Mary's - Rickmansworth @ Plas Nantglyn

St Marys arrived on Monday after an action packed day driving up from Hertfordshire. The group stopped at Blist Hills on the way before travelling up to North Wales in time for the evening meal and a quick play on the field before a story and bed.

Day 2 was spent travelling to Conwy to visit the castle in the morning followed by a trip up the Great Orme in Llandudno.

Day 3 was spent on site all day doing various activities including the famous Nantglyn Bottle RUn, damming the stream, code breakers, flower arranging and then orienteering in the afternoon. The evening meal was cooked by the group on the barbecues and was chicken burgers followed by marshmallows cooked on the fire.

Today was spent mostly at the Alwen Resevoir Education Centre learning about the water cycle and completing some environmental art. Then the late afternoon was spent at Denbigh Castle looking and comparing it with Conwy.

Tomorrow it is an early start to head off to RAF Cosford and then back home to Rickansworth.

Environmental art at the Alwen

Focussing on the water cycle.

Hanging around on the Bottle Run

Damming the stream

More environmental art.

Different techniques in conquering the bottle run.

The first day at Blists Hill

Conwy Castle in all its glory.

What a lovely bunch of........ flowers

Looking for a variety of wild flowers in the local area.

The tram up the Great Orme in Llandudno

Even more environmental art

Walking up to the Alwen dam.

A little cooler at Denbigh Castle.

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