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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marton go down the mines!

After breakfast we went to Llechwedd Slate Caverns. We went on 2 tours down the mine and learnt about how hard it was for the Welshmen who mined the slate. We could not believe how dark, cold and miserable the conditions were for children as young as 10.

When we reutrned to Plas Nantglyn it was time for some team building challenges. We worked in groups of 6 and received points for how well we completed the activities and our teamwork.

In the evening we had to have the campfire inside due to a deterioration in the weather - again! 

We have all had another brilliant day and are looking forward to the Sealife Centre and the Sun Centre in Rhyl tomorrow.  

'Oi, get down from there!!!'

2 trips underground and we have only lost half of them!!!

'Guess which pet your child will ask for next?'

Task 1 - Can I have mine well done please?

Task 2 - Old man Parker heard that more pork pies were available on the other side of the stream.

Task 3 - The first spillage was rather obvious!

Task 4 - Anyone for croquet?

Task 5 - Teamwork is the key to the Bottle Run.


  1. Hello Amy! Have waited up again just to see the photos!! So glad you are having a great time. Absolutely cannot wait to see you tomorrow - only one more sleep - yippee! Have a wonderful time tomorrow and we shall see you at tea time. Love you lots, take care Mum, Dad and Isla x x x x

  2. Hi Jack. Madison can't wait until you come home... She's dying to go in your room, lol.
    So, you'll be cooking dinner Friday night, and waffles it is then! Only kidding, we've got one of your favourites lined up ;)
    See you tomorrow, love Mum, Dad & Madison x

  3. Hi Victoria. Another busy day with lots of fun by the looks of it! Looking forward to you coming home tomorrow. lots of love, Mum xx

  4. Hi James looks like another busy day did you eat the waffles! Enjoy your last day in Rhyl and looking forward to see you later lots of love Mum, Dad and Lewis xxx