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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marton @ Stars

After breakfast it was on to the coach to do fencing, rockclimbing, archery, lowropes, Aeroball and caving. After all these fun activities we waved goodbye and drove to Plas Nantglyn for dinner it was ham, salad and chips. After dinner it was down to the stream and building dams. We all got VERY WET. We had a settle down and went to bed.
Tonight's blog was written by Kate Sherman
PS Jack says for any parents that are intrigued by his note it said
            'What are you doing here? I've gone!'
Arriving at Stars.

On guard

Who will get the first bullseye?

Now you've got to the top, try it with a blindfold on.

Getting kitted up ready for fencing.

Time for lunch.


Can you find the way out?

Balancing on the low ropes.

A ropey bunch!

Even the rain couldn't dam-pen our spirits.

The fish in my welly is this big!

The best dam of the evening.


  1. Wow - you look like you've had a great day! We have been laughing that while you are all submerged in water - you still had your hoods up!! Missing you loads, Amy. Love Mum, Dad and Isla x x x

  2. Hannah.Very impressed to see you on the climbing wall.Dad x

  3. Hi Victoria & Y4. Looks like you had a jam packed day. Brillant photos and I had to laugh at all those submerged wellies!! Squelch, squelch!!!! Looking forward to seeing what you adventures are in store for you all tomorrow. Night night sleep tight. Lots of love Mum xxx

  4. You look like you have all been very busy learning new things looks fab and i see the rain has found you in wales , hope you are getting some sleep James ! Lewis recognised all your friends in the photos even with their hoods on . Enjoy today love Mum,Dad and Lewisxxx

  5. Great photo's, brilliant! I bet you wanted a brew to warm up after that activity, Jack... You must have been freezing 0.0 Aeroball looks like real fun, now we know what it is ;) Take care mate, missing you and I'll see you on Friday. Dad x

  6. Hi Maisy and everyone else. Fantastic photos, typical of you Maisy to be submerged in water fully clothed ! Your little sisters are missing you lots but love seeing what you have been up to. Have a fab last night and get some sleep !!! Cant wait to see you on friday, Love you loads Mummy, Daddy, Flo, Bea and Olive Bear xxx

  7. Hey Azzy & Everyone! You all look like you've had an awesome day! I'm actually Jealous! From Martin (Aarons big bro) x

  8. Wow Aaron fencing! I did that in Minehead on a school adventure week as a child.....I remember loving it! Missing you loads and really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
    Love Mummy!xxx

    Hey Az I'm with big bro Martin - dead jealous. Think I'm going to pop over for the day and join in the fun. Missing you toothpick! Dad xxxx

  9. Hi Chloe! looks like loads of fun, hope that you're having an amazing time :) We all can't wait to see you on friday :) Lots and lots of love Mummy, Daddy and Ellie xxx