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Saturday, June 16, 2012

St. Elizabeth's @ Plas Nantglyn

St. Elizabeth's arrived yesterday for their weekend visit. They visited Erddig Country House on the way to Plas Nantglyn and had an enjoyable day looking around before arriving at about 4:30pm. The wet weather didn't dampen the spirits and after a quick game of football and tea it was time for a game of bingo and as a special treat we wheeled the TV out for the England game (however, most lost interest by the end of the first half).

Today has been spent around the centre. First of all it was off around the village on a nature trail seeing and hearing the sights and sounds of the countryside. We were back in time for lunch and then the afternoon activities were the Bottle Run, dam building and the rope swing which involved almost everyone getting absolutely soaking wet. we did some sketching and had a quiz before tea and then it was time to prepare for the talent show. After this there was time for a quick sing song and then it was off to bed. 

At Erddig House in Wrexham.

Breakfast time.

Finding a nice place to sit on the walk.

We managed to find a playground on our walk.

A staircase in a tree!!

The donkeys enjoyed our leftover apple cores.

Trying to get the bottle around the rope course proved tricky!

Good tactics to battle the course.

Building dams in the stream.

The first act of the talent show.

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