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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holy Trinity @ Plas Nantglyn

Another action packed day at Plas Nantglyn for Holy Trinity. After breakfast it was time for the Nantglyn Wide Game where the aim was to get a specially formulated energy drink to the British athletes in time for the Olympics. The winning team was successful in negotiating the enemy and so here's hoping for a bagful of medals in the next few weeks. After this it was time for the Bottle Run and finishing the art work. Then it was time to refuel before the afternoon walks. 17 intrepid walkers took on the challenge of the Super Duper long walk with the rest going on either a long walk or a short-long walk. All groups completed the walk with minimum fuss and returned in time for tea. The talent show was on after tea with the Stable dormitory being victorious with their sporty dance. Lastly, the night was rounded off with a story and then the crowning of Mr and Mrs Wales 2012.

The Wide Game in full flow

Dropping off the precious energy drink.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holy Trinity @ Stars

Today was spent at the Stars centre in Denbigh. The 6 activities on offer were the climbing wall, archery, aeroball, caving, team challenge and the nightline. All were very popular but the overall winner..... once again was aeroball. Staff champion this year was Miss Moffitt.

Learning the rules before being let loose on the climbing wall.

Off we go!

Team challenge

Looking good on the zip wire

Carefully carrying the water around the course.

The nightline proved to be a particular favourite for the staff.

The teachers showing them how it should be done!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Trinity @ Plas Nantglyn

Holy Trinity have spent the day at the centre. The day started with the Plas Nantglyn mystery activities including dam building, bridge building, the rope swing and the water challenge. After lunch it was time for the Wayfaring course and as a number of the children had completed the course on a previous visit the groups had to complete the course in reverse order. All groups managed it very well with a winning time of 44 minutes. In the evening there was time to practice for the talent show, tune up on drawing skills and a mammoth game of Kwik Cricket on the field.  

Adding up the points for the mystery activities.

Team 6 needed something special on the Wayfaring after a tricky morning session left them in 6th position.

They studied the map and did manage to climb the table.

The Bucket Challenge.

Damming the stream.

Building bridges

The Rope Swing challenge

Monday, July 16, 2012

Holy Trinity arrive!

Holy Trinity school have arrived at Plas Nantglyn. They headed off early this morning to Knowsley Safari Park to see elephants, giraffes, sealions, meerkats, snakes and more. After this it was off to Wales for tea and then some games out on the field. A competitive game of International Tig Dog was played followed by games on the field including football which was, once again, decided on penalties.

Scary skulls!

Snake handling!

Elephants at Knowsley Safari Park

The sealion show proved very popular.


Fishfingers, potato balls and peas - mmm!

The Tig Dog Under 11 World Championships.

Catch me if you can.

Some good moves to escape the 'chasers'.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Penketh South Day 4

Putting our best foot forward on the orienteering course.

Finding out who's won.

Sheltering from the midday sun!
Just zipping along!
I think the tide's out!

The Dream Team!

Turn around, touch the ground!

Can we start now?

Yum Yum! Seconds please.

In the stream.

Final day, best have a wash!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Penketh South Day 3


Jumping for joy
Land ahoy!
Where shall we go next?

Build a shelter competition - the winning entry.

Best foot forward!

Race you to the bottom!

Who wants another go?
Course I'm not tired!
Waiting for the washing to dry!
Cooking our own tea

Is it ready yet?

Team work

Announcing the results