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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Trinity @ Plas Nantglyn

Holy Trinity have spent the day at the centre. The day started with the Plas Nantglyn mystery activities including dam building, bridge building, the rope swing and the water challenge. After lunch it was time for the Wayfaring course and as a number of the children had completed the course on a previous visit the groups had to complete the course in reverse order. All groups managed it very well with a winning time of 44 minutes. In the evening there was time to practice for the talent show, tune up on drawing skills and a mammoth game of Kwik Cricket on the field.  

Adding up the points for the mystery activities.

Team 6 needed something special on the Wayfaring after a tricky morning session left them in 6th position.

They studied the map and did manage to climb the table.

The Bucket Challenge.

Damming the stream.

Building bridges

The Rope Swing challenge

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