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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sandhills at the centre

Today the whole was spent at the centre. The rain held off for long enough periods for us to all have a great time. The morning was spent orienteering around the village with a good winning time of 45 minutes. After lunch it was time for some more group activities starting off with Code Breakers. It took some time to get their codes sorted but they soon got they soon got the hang of it and before long all groups were very fast and could send long messages across the field without speaking! Then it was off to the Bottle Run which was won in a quick time of exactly one minute (well not including the staff who went round in a fantastic time of 48 seconds). Then it was dam building in the stream and a go on the rope swing before it was time to dry off and see who had been most successful over the whole day. After the evening meal there was time for a story and quiz before bed.  

On the orienteering course

I wonder if there are any fish in there.

Figuring out our codes

The famous Nantglyn Bottle Run

Damming the stream
Stroking Charles

Looking good!

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