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Thursday, September 27, 2012

St. Mark's Day 3 @ Plas Y Brenin

This morning we went to Plas Y Brenin and did the activities. At first I didn't want to do the abseiling but it turns out it was the best thing I did all day! We did rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing. It was worth waiting for today! It was the best day of the week! (Melissa Torr)
Today I have faced my 2 fears. I have accomplished abseiling and canoeing. I am looking forward to the night walk. I want to make tomorrow a good day at the beach. (Madison Moir)

Abseiling in Plas Y Brenin

Reaady for rock climbing

Traversing the rock climbing wall.

Canoeing on the lake.

Pumped up and ready to abseil.

Made it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

St.Mark's Day 2 at Plas Nantglyn

Today St.Mark's have beaten the weather - it tried to stop us having fun but failed! Lots of activities and lots of fun made for a wet and wonderful day. Here are some thoughts from the children:
From Day 1:
My favourite part was walking halfway around the reservoir and unpacking. I cannot wait until tomorrow!! (Toby Bowman)
From Day 2:
Today I have been playing games on the field. One of the games was called the 'Liquid Run' and we also did an obstacle course that was fun. My team won and the other people in my team were Charlie, Katie, Luke, Harry and Aaron. The leader of our group is Mrs Nicklin and we played pooh sticks. Today has been sooooooooooooo fun!!!
Walking down to the village to post our postcards.

Playing pooh sticks on the Nantglyn Bridge

We might be wet - but we are still having fun.

Concentrating whilst building the tallest tower.

Relaxing inbetween activities.

The 'Liquid Run'.

Getting chased by the 'enemy'.

The last activity was the obstacle course.

Careful with that bucket.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

St. Mark's arrive via Llyn Brenig

St. Mark's school in Stockport have arrived today. They started off by going to the Llyn Brenig and had lunch. After lunch it was time to go for a walk over the dam and through the forest. They arrived with us at about 5pm in time for tea and then it was time for diary and postcard writing. As this is being published all the children are listening to a story before heading off to bed. Below are some photos at the lake.

A bit wet but still lots of fun!

The beautiful Llyn Brenig

Hands up 'who wants to go to Plas Nantglyn?'

What a lot of smiley faces!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grove Street Day 2

Today Grove Street spent the whole day at Plas Nantglyn. The morning was spent doing Mystery Activities which all have photos below. Then after lunch on the field there was a little more time for time in the stream followed by a nature walk around the village of Nantglyn. After the evening meal there was a game of sing around the fire and then it was time the night walk in and around the grounds of Plas Nantglyn.
Playing in the park on the nature walk.

All having fun in the village

Olympics stars - doing the Bolt!

And here's the Mobot

The obstacle course proved pretty tricky this morning.

Time for a quick drinks break.

Along the narrow lanes on the nature walk.

Building bridges

Parachute games

Parachute games

Den Building

Tower building with just a few peices of paper.

The winning team for the morning activities.

Damming the stream.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grove Street Day 1

Grove Street arrived today for a 2 night stay. Having settled in they had lunch before completing the scavenger hunt using their own ipods to record the pictures. After this it was time to build a fire and then cook waffles on it. Once this activity was finished there was a bit of free time before a double session of the energy sapping Nantglyn Wide Game. After tea there was time for a game of football on the field before toasted marshmallows and lots of songs around the campfire. See the photos below!

Having fun with the Wide Game

Cooking waffles on fires

The children needed to build the fire before they could cook on it.

That looks like a very tasty waffle!

Nice flames under that fire!

All finished, just putting the fire out.

More fun with the wide game

The evening ended with a sing song around the camp fire.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thorley Hill day 5

Today we went to Stars of Denbigh and did 6 tiring activities which were: shelter building, archery and caving, then we had lunch. After lunch we did crate building, Jake set the Thorley Hill record with 15 crates! After crate building we did climbing and Aeroball. When we got back we went in either the stream or the rope swing.
By Jake and Gabriel. 

Our very own Robin Hood.

Maid Marian?

Aeroball, like basketball on a trampoline.

Tired after Aeroball

VERY tired after Aeroball!

More Aeroball

15 crates took a long time to build...

...not quite so long to knock down.


Fun in the stream.


That's better girls.

Fun on the swing.

Waiting for the swing.

This will be the final blog as we are leaving tomorrow morning. Please comment though as we will be able to access it throughout the day.

Mr Webb