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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

St.Mark's Day 2 at Plas Nantglyn

Today St.Mark's have beaten the weather - it tried to stop us having fun but failed! Lots of activities and lots of fun made for a wet and wonderful day. Here are some thoughts from the children:
From Day 1:
My favourite part was walking halfway around the reservoir and unpacking. I cannot wait until tomorrow!! (Toby Bowman)
From Day 2:
Today I have been playing games on the field. One of the games was called the 'Liquid Run' and we also did an obstacle course that was fun. My team won and the other people in my team were Charlie, Katie, Luke, Harry and Aaron. The leader of our group is Mrs Nicklin and we played pooh sticks. Today has been sooooooooooooo fun!!!
Walking down to the village to post our postcards.

Playing pooh sticks on the Nantglyn Bridge

We might be wet - but we are still having fun.

Concentrating whilst building the tallest tower.

Relaxing inbetween activities.

The 'Liquid Run'.

Getting chased by the 'enemy'.

The last activity was the obstacle course.

Careful with that bucket.


  1. Looks like another fun day despite the weather. Hope all have a good night's sleep ready for tomorrows activites. ENJOY!

  2. Hi all. Mr Rayner here. Looks like your enjoying yourselves despite the weather!! Remember to push mrs Nicklin & Miss O'Reilly in if you go canoeing tomorrow!!! X

  3. Hello everyone,

    How nice to see that you are all having so much fun despite the rain, hopefully tomorrow will bring some sunshine.

    Katie, the house is soooooooo quiet without you but we are missing you loads and can't wait to see you on Friday!

    Hope everyone has a brilliant day tomorrow.

    Karen and Andrew Hodrien

  4. I'm loving the photos ,good to see you all having so much fun ,hope you have a brilliant day tomorrow !!hope you had fun on st marks got talent ,can't wait to see you ella ,Dylan is loving the extra room in your bed ,love you ,mum ,dad and Dylan ,shanice xxxx

  5. loving the new pictures Cerys, you look like you are all having the greatest time ever, despite the yuckky weather ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... missing your snoring and your boney knee's lol but storing lots of cuddles up for friday =)) cant wait to hear your stories <3 u lots & much (((mum))) xx

  6. Lovin the pics you all look like your having so much fun weather man said sunshine today so fingers crossed have a super day. Luv u H xx

  7. hi charis and all the gang,love seeing the pictures with all your smiley faces even though the weather has not been the best for you all we can tell your all having a fantastic time fingers crossed the sun comes out for you today xx ;)love mum dad and everyone else xx

  8. Looks like your having fun Charley-Anne, the weather looks a lot better today see you friday princess love Dad xx

  9. Hi abs ans fi and all the gang loved all the pictures of day 2 looks like a lot of fun even though you are all very wet.
    the weather is going to break and the sun will come out to the forecast says.fingers crossed have lots of fun today.
    love mum and dad xx

  10. Got your postcard Charley-Anne xx :)

  11. Glad to see your all having a good time. Can't wait to hear all about your holiday Luke. Received your postcard today :) glad your having fun. Missing you lots love Mum xx

  12. Thanks for the postcard ella ,looks so peaceful.,Glad you ate all your tea on tues ,well done ,hope to see a photo with you in a canoe today ,love and miss you lots ,mum ,dad ,Dylan and shanice xxx

  13. Harry got your post card today thank you glad to hear your having fun love the photos looking forward to seeing you tomorrow lots of love mum and dad xx

  14. hi squidge, thankyou for your post card we are missing you terribly.... hope your ok sweetie love you lots and hope you all enjoy the rest of your stay cant wait to see you tomorrow xxxx mum and dad

  15. Hi Bethany, not long now, can't wait to see you tomorrow. Missing you loads. Bigs hugs & kisses xxxx Mum & Dad :)

  16. Hi Cerys, got your postcard today =) it was a lovely surprise thank you. Hope you had fun canoeing today =)looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, cant wait to hear all about it =) Miss & Love you lots + lots xxmumxx

  17. hi abs and fi got your postcards today
    told auntie donna that there one for her and steve and granma hope you have fun tomorrowand i will see you later back at school.
    we can't wait to hear all about.

    night sleep tight lots of love mum and dad xx

  18. HI bobbie well what can i say you have all the luck the sun has been out all day for you ,hope your not tired after your long walk today and i hope you enjoy the rest of you week miss you loads love mum, dad an Rhea XXXXXXXXX