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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thorley Hill day 5

Today we went to Stars of Denbigh and did 6 tiring activities which were: shelter building, archery and caving, then we had lunch. After lunch we did crate building, Jake set the Thorley Hill record with 15 crates! After crate building we did climbing and Aeroball. When we got back we went in either the stream or the rope swing.
By Jake and Gabriel. 

Our very own Robin Hood.

Maid Marian?

Aeroball, like basketball on a trampoline.

Tired after Aeroball

VERY tired after Aeroball!

More Aeroball

15 crates took a long time to build...

...not quite so long to knock down.


Fun in the stream.


That's better girls.

Fun on the swing.

Waiting for the swing.

This will be the final blog as we are leaving tomorrow morning. Please comment though as we will be able to access it throughout the day.

Mr Webb


  1. Hi year 6 !!!! Well what a fun filled day you've had !!! Wow tia - you done well on the wall baby girl !!! better than mummy - you know i dont like heights ha ha xx Cant wait to see you tomorrow xx love you and safe journey back xx lots of love mum dad connor charlie & tinkerbell xxxx

  2. Looks like u had a fab day - i would have loved to have had a go at it all! I cant believe u are coming home tomorrow can u stay another week! Only joking chicken cant wait to give u a massive squeeze - ella b not mr webb! Safe journey xxxx

  3. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Archie. Glad to see that you're belaying for an expert crate builder!

  4. Thank you for the blog. It has been brilliant to know that everyone has had such a great time away and been able to try so many activities.
    The crate stacking was epic Jake.

    Have a good journey back.
    Will be waiting for you at school Han. Looking forward to big hugs and hearing all about the week. Love K, J & S.

  5. Wow looks like you had an action-packed day year 6! Bet it was loads of fun. Can't wait to see you Rach and hear all about it. Photos and blogs have been fab - thanks Mr Webb and all the grown ups. Have a safe journey home. The Gillespies xxx

  6. Fantastic Hannah you looked so at ease with the archery!!! Well done darling. Safe journey home to you all and cannot wait to see you back at Thorley safe and sound. Thank you once again for the daily photos it has been great to see what you all have been up to over the last 5 days. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the adults present for taking care and looking after you this week. I m sure so many memories to come back with. Love you so much xxxxxxxxx mum, dad and will. Zzzzzzzz

  7. Hi Year 6
    Looks like you have had another fun filled day & should all sleep well tonight. Jake, I cann't believe how high up you stacked those crates. No surprise to see Sarah in the stream it is hard to keep her away from water! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, have a safe journey. Love Tina (Sarah's Mum), Richard & James x

  8. Dear Year 6 ~ Cant believe your holiday is nearly over, it looks like you have had the best time ever! A big thanks to Mrs Clayton, Mr Webb and all the other helpers for looking after our little stars. Have a safe trip home and cant wait to pick you up Ellie, I will be waiting for big hugs and kisses xx lots of love The Trinnaman xxxx PS Ellie love the rope swing picture xxxx

  9. Ellie Bongo, ive missed you so much and so has scruffy..we both cant wait to see you tomorrow, lots of love Dad xxxx

  10. Morning Thorley Hill, WOW! Our STARS of Wales. What another busy day! Looks awesome , you must show me aero ball on the trampoline at home Elle. This week looks truly amazing and can not wait for your assembly. Thank you for letting us be a part of it Mr G, Mr Webb, Mrs Clayton and Mr Fuller, with pictures and daily blogs and a BIG THANK YOU for making their experience a fabulous one and keeping them safe and happy, morning, noon and night. Safe journey year 6, the journey never seems as long on the way back. Cuddles to the moon and back Elle, love the nashes x

  11. Hey your home today Carrice we really can't wait to see you. I'm so pleased to see you all having lots of fun and the photos have really helped us to see what you have been doing.No face shots of you though carrice,have you been hiding from the camera again.anyway movie night tonight ad lots of cuddles on the sofa is in order I think.Big hugs and a massive thank you to all the

  12. Morning Elizabeth and Year 6.

    Looks like you had a fantastic day and enjoyed Areoball. We cant wait to see you today as we have all really missed you. Please say a BIG thankyou to all the teachers for making your trip so fun. See you later today xxx

  13. Morning Ellie and All - Your coming HOME !! yipeee cant wait to see you darling missed you sooo much. Safe trip guys - see you at 5pm xx Love The Trinnamans xxx

  14. Hi Izzy and everyone - your activity day looked amazing, I've got to have a go at aeroball! Hope you have a good journey back. We can't wait to see you. See you very soon! Loads of love Clare Brian and Nicky xxxx

  15. Good Morning Jack and All,
    Can not wait to see you today Jacky Boy its been a long week, but i can see you have all had a fantastic time. Jack think about what you would like for dinner tonight as we are having takeaway. Thank you to everyone who have looked after year 6 and made it so much fun. See you at 5pm.
    Take care. The Cook's xxx

  16. Jaaaaaaaaaakeeeeee! what were you thinking. Remember I love you just the way you are (all bones intact!) .... lol, yesterday's activities look like brilliant fun. We're really looking forward to having you back Mister. See you at 5 on the drive love mummy xxxxxxxx

  17. Hello year six,and Louie!!!!! What brilliant time in Wales you have had!!! Aeroball looks like fun,and the climbing.Have you been hiding from the camera?... We all can't wait to see you later,it's been very quiet without you.Thankyou to all the teachers for looking after year six,I bet your looking forward to a rest over the weekend!! Sonny is waiting for you Louie he's missed you so much x. Safe journey lots of love mum dad Sonny and Harlie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hi year 6 and Rebecca, Looks like you've had such a great time, hope you have a good journey home. Well done Becca for being in a few photos :) Look forward to seeing you later, we've missed you including Sam & Katie xxxxx

  19. Hi yr 6 Glad you hav all had a great time, safe journey home, see you soon Ryan love mum dad brandon and the mad animals! xxxx Get ready for Bertie's excitement!! lol

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  21. Hi guys

    By now you will all be on the coach on your way home. What a fabulous, amazing week you all have had. A big thank you to Mr Webb for updating the blog each night so that we were able to follow you. Thank you also to Mr G and Mrs Clayton and all the other helpers for making it such a fun and memorable week for the children.

    A safe journey home guys. Can not wait to have you back Jadie so I can give you a huge hug love you baby girl

    Jades mum