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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thorley Hill day 4

Today we went to Conway Castle we had a guide called Morgan she showed us around the castle, it was amazing. We saw loads, the king’s room, the prison tower, the great hall, even the stables (but there were no horses of course).

Neil (one of our guides) introducing himself

Neil explaining defences to the children.
Orienteering this was quite a hard activity we got lost only once (wow) everyone else got lost too! (hahaha) But although we got lost we still came 1st (we are group 4).


We're lost!

Still lost......
We all went on the swing it was fantastic !!!!!!

By Guy and Nick


Smile girls!

Waiting for their turn.

Thanks for all the comments again today. Tomorrow promises to be fun as we are going to Denbigh for the multi activity day.

Mr Webb


  1. Hopefully all members of year six are accounted for!
    Looks like more fun at the castle. Did it rain? Well, its Wales.
    These posts are definitely getting earlier. I wonder who's more tired - you lot or the staff?
    Enjoy the last full day. Love K, J & S.

  2. Hi again year 6 looks a bit wet today, but it certainly don't seem to have dampened your spirits!!!! The orienteering always seem to be a great exercise in getting lost. Well done group 4 in coming back first. Hope all the groups are back safe and sound without any casualties !!!!! Day 5 tomorrow and yet again cannot wait to hear and see the days events from deepest Wales. All our love to you Hannah. The Chalks xxxxxxx. Zzzzzzzz

  3. Hi group 6 !!! Well i think you done very well finding your way back and coming "1st" - not like mummy tia you know what im like with directions !!! lol xx Fantastic pictures - The castle sounds really interesting.. I got your postcard this morning -lovely to hear from you baby and we love you too !! Have loads more fun xxx lots of love mum dad connor charlie and tinkerbell xxxx

  4. Wow! the rope swing looks fab!! We were wondering if anyone fell in?
    Enjoy tomorrow - sounds like another fun filled day.

  5. Hi year 6, looks like you've all had another fantastic day and the castle looks great. The rope swing looks fun - Rachie you're wearing the same clothes as yesterday I see!! Have a brilliant time at the activity centre tomorrow. Love from Chris, Kev and Rob Gillespie xx

  6. Just as well I wasn't with you year six, you still wouldn't be back! I got lost today with Mrs Strutt in BIshop's Stortord on house visits. Love the pose on the swing Elle, go Jayne (where was your Tarzan) . Have a fantastic last day tomorrow. Hope you are looking after Mrs Clayton. Homeward bound soon for big cuddles Elle. Love the Nashes xx

  7. Wow I'm tired just looking at your pictures you look like you have had a tiring but fabulous day!!! Carrice your kitty has been a bit naughty this evening and brought me in a mouse,I'm sure your smiling at this as I have spent a lot of time standing on the sofa screaming until Daddy caught it yuck!!!we are all looking forward to seeing you on Friday and send you lots of love xxx

  8. Hi year 6, looks like you're having a fantastic fun filled time, GUY, thanks for your postcard, it's so quiet here without you (as you can imagine!!!) Max is missing teasing you and Toby is really missing you, especially in the mornings and at bedtime. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Lots if love, The Trundles x
    p.s. Dad went to Conway castle when he was your age and wants to compare notes when you get home!

  9. Hello year six,glad to see all the great photos of you all again.The rope swing looks like fun! Did anyone fall off???? Caught a glimpse of you Louie in one of the photos! I see the hair gel isn't being used!!!!! Look forward to seeing you Friday so make sure you enjoy the rest of your stay. Sonny says hello and still thinks you are a long coach journey!!!! Take care lots of love mum,dad Harlie & Sonny xxxxxxxx

  10. Dear Year 6 ~ Cant wait to log on in the morning so logging on now to see all your fun pictures! I think if group 4 had me they wouldnt be lost we would find the nearest hotel and get a cab :-) Looks like your having a great time loved seeing your smiley face Ellie T xx enjoy tomorrow guys lots of love to you all from The Trinnamans XXXX

  11. Hi everyone! You're probably all snuggled up in bed now and snoring away after such a busy day! (well that's what I hope for the teachers sake:)!!) Hope you all have a great time at the activity day tomorrow, much love Harry from us all at home xx

  12. Hi Year 6

    The castle looked really really interesting I would have loved to hear the history about it. Jade maybe you can tell mum all about it when you get home, II see you all have your rain coats on, hopefully it didn't rain for too long.

    Enjoy your last full day and make the most of it! It sounds like its going to be a well fun day!

    Love you loads Jadie can't wait to have you back
    Mum, Dad & Faye xxxxx

    1. What a busy day! Hope you've all slept well and are ready for another action-packed day. Nick, make sure you get in a few more photos! Looking forward to having you home. lots of love Mum, Dad, Charley and Rob xxxx

  13. Another great day - the rope swing looks fab! Hope you have a fantastic time at the activity centre. Looking forward to having you home. I'll make your favourite for tea Izzy. Lots of love Clare Brian and Nicky xx

  14. Wow what fun! I obviously didnt pay mr webb enough because u escaped from the castle! Have a fab day! See ya chicken xxx

  15. Looks like your having an amazing time! Wales looks lovely! Another place that you've been to and I haven't Mickey! Glad you didnt get lost doing your orienteering, you must get your sense of direction from me and not your dad lol x looking forward to seeing you and your bag of dirty washing on Friday xxx love mum, dad, Lucy and Charlie xxxx

  16. Another busy day with lots of walking. So no-one got lost orienteering....
    Can't see you in many pictures Georgia! Love Mum, Dad & Sheena xx

  17. Hi Elizabeth and all of Year 6. Myself, Wills and Pixie have all been following your blog and enjoying your photos everyday. It looks like your all having a great time and we look forward to seeing what you have been upto today. We cant wait until you get home and tell us about everything you have done. We liked your postcard. Lots of love XXXX

  18. hello Twinkle (Elizabeth) me and the pix miss you but hope youe having fun. love BO X

  19. Matt good to see that you are still having a great time. I'm sure you can't wait to get back to spellings and learning logs. Miss you love Mum Dad and Adam xx

  20. Hi Year 6 - hope you've had another fun packed day. We are all looking forward to tomorrow Nat Nat when you can tell us all about your adventures. Grandad has mended yr scooter darling so that's ready and waiting for your return. Wishing you all a safe journey home and sending lots of love Amanda & family xxxxx