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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thorley Hill day 3

Today we went up a mountain called Mother of the hills or Moel Famau (Welsh)
There were loads of breath-taking views, and loads of steep hills but we managed.
When we arrived at the top we saw the jubilee tower it was built in 1810.

At the top of Moel Famau


Then we went swimming at Eirias Park it was so fun! The best bit was splashing Mr Webb and going down the slide with him!!!

Feeding time!

Clean plates (and salad bowl). Well done boys!
Diary writing.
We played a game called wide game with Mr G, there were different colours of discs that represented different amounts of points! It was really FUN!!!

I LOVE WALES!!!!! By Ellie Elle and Elizabeth
Ready for Mr G's award winning wide game.

I've got one!
Thanks for all of the comments, keep them coming, the children are enjoying hearing them. I hope my class are behaving themselves Mrs Hughes!

Mr Webb


  1. Hi year 6 hill climber!!!! You never cease to amaze.!!! Bet the view from the top was breath taking and what a lovely sunny day. How was the swimming Hannah? Hope it lived up to expectation? Thank you darling for the postcard today it was so great to hear from you and that you are having such a nice time. Well enjoy day four!!! Awaiting the next set of pics and wonderful comments. Thank Mr Webb!!!

  2. Hi year 6 !!! wow yet another fun packed day - the pictures are great - bet the views from the mountain was fantastic - "looked windy" Lol xx Bet you loved the swimming pool tia !! Lovely seeing you enjoying your selfs xx Cant wait for tomorrows information & pictures xx we Love ya Tia xxx mum dad connor charlie and tinkerbell xx

  3. Hi everyone - looks like you are having such a good time you won't want to come back home! Hi Gabriel. The house is very quiet without you here so Caleb has been making extra noise for me! Daddy sends his love from Chicago. Looking forward to seeing your photos and of course seeing you. Ask Mr Webb to put lots more piccies up. Love Mummy & Daddy & Caleb xxxx

  4. Hi everyone! looks as though you are having a fantastic time! Great photo's on the mother of the Hills! Hope the weather is being kind for you, and good to see you're enjoying the grub!! Thank you for the postcard Harry, which came this morning, Will and Olly have made me read it 10 times over!! Looking forward to see what you've been up to each day and must say It's very quiet at school without Year 6 there. Sleep well, and have fun tomorrow, much love Harry, from us all at home xx

  5. Hello year 6!! Looks like you're having great fun. Got your postcard today Jake, thank you gorgeous boy :-) We've read it lots of times! It's so quiet here without you, I thought it was Lily & Isaac that made all the noise!! Hope you are having THE BEST time. Wish we could be there too. Really missing you, lots of big hugs and kisses from Mum, Dad, Lily, Isaac, Kiera and Nana (of course) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow what an action packed day Year Six! I bet you all sleep well tonight.
    Archie - you looked like you were going up Everest! I think I might have spied the remains of your favourite tea. Your postcard came today and was full of detail - I hope Mr Webb didn't have to work as hard as I did on completing the summer postcard!
    It's quiet without you Archie. Isobel is cross that she has to wait sooooo long to go on her residential trip!
    Nana and Grandad are loving the blog too

    Keep the photos coming - they are fabulous

  7. Hello year 6

    Woooow! I bet that was an amazing view. Was it as high as the cable train in Turkey Jade? Thank you for the post card baby girl we received it this morning love you loads.

    I bet you are all so so tired after that long steep walk today not to mention the swimming afterwards!
    Have a fabulous day 4 and I look forward to catching up again tomorrow
    Lots of hugs to you all

    Jades mum xxxxxx

  8. Hi year 6. Wow it looks like you are all having an amazing time. Louie we got your postcard today and Sonny has kept hold of it! When he is asked where you are he says 'on a coach!' He thinks you have been on it since Sunday! He misses his big brother lots as we all do. Looking forward to more pics tonight. Have a great day. Love Mum, Dad, Sonny & Harlie (Louie's Dad)

  9. Hello Gabriel - I love you. Bye. Caleb xxx

  10. Morning Year 6 ~ Just logged on to see next lot of pics Wow! that hill does look high I hope you helped M Webb up it :-)Thanks for the postcard Ellie the house looks beautiful and thanks for pointing out your dorm now I know where your sleeping :-) sending lots of love and hugs Mum, Dad, Charlie and Scruffy XXXXX

  11. What great photos! wish I was there rather than going to work! It looks like you're all having fun and eating well. Thanks for the postcard, Nick. It brought back happy memories for Charlotte and Rob. Looking forward to more news and seeing you on friday.
    lots of love, Mum and the rest of the Parkers xx

  12. Hiya Year 6,Loving the photos, looks like you are all having a great time, looking forward to more photos. Jacky boy love you lots xx. I got your postcard thank you. Bradley says Hi and wishes he was there too xx. take care everyone. The Cooks

  13. Hello Year 6, it looks like you are having a fabulous time. I bet you are all tired by the evening - hopefully you are getting lots of sleep as well and not chatting too much! I have spoken to Mr Webb every day and I am really proud of how well-behaved you are all being - keep flying the flag for Thorley Hill! It is very strange here without you. Every morning I keep forgetting to ring the bell in the hall before I ring it on the playground, so all of the children are waiting for ages for the Teaching Assistants to come out. I will be very glad when my monitors for that job return -I guess the children, parents and carers on the playground will as well! I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your adventure. Love Mrs Perez

  14. Love your comment, I LOVE Wales, so glad you are loving Mr G's games, I know you were looking forward to them Elle. Be gentle with Mr Webb, it sounds like he was a very good sport in the swimming pool. Very proud of you all. Can't wait to hear today's adventures. Last full day tomorrow, make the most of it guys. The house is quiet without you Elle, missing the dance runs, hugs and a trillion kisses. The nashes x

  15. Good to see you working hard Hannie. Hope you've enjoyed today and looking forward to seeing more pictures of what you've all been up to.
    Sam said it didn't look as windy at the top of the hill as when he went.
    Too quiet here without you but I'm enjoying the lie ins as I don't have to do the school run! Love K, J & S.

  16. Hi year 6 Looks like you had another fab day. Nicky is jealous, she didn't get to go up a mountain on her year 6 trip. We got your postcard Izzy. Hope you've had fun again today. All our love Clare Brian and Nicky xx

  17. Hi yr 6 Bet the views were great and well done you all made it up there! Ryan we got your postcard today and we are all missing you and its very quiet here!! too keep on having fun Love Mum,Dad,Brandon, Bertie, Dialga and Smudgie! xxxx

  18. Hi Toby and Year 6, We're really pleased you are all having a great time. We are enjoying looking at the photos and reading about what you have been doing each day. Hope you had a good day again today and enjoy your last full day in Wales tomorrow. love from The Morleys x

  19. Hi year six I can see your all having fun and lots of it!!!As the pictures are posted earlier each night I'm assuming your getting tired and sleeping nicely for the teachers or maybe not ha ha.Its so nice to see you all together having fun in your last year at Thorley hill.enjoy your last couple of days in Wales lots of love and hugs xxx

    Hello year 6 this is kezzie I ts quicker to get your school dinner and more play when your not there bye.

  20. Yo Year 6! Sounds like you is having a wicked time!!!! Loving seeing the photos - Ella get in the front of few and do the 'Barrett pose'! Ovbiously the house is a tad quiet without you here!! You must make all the noise! Chow for now XXXXX

  21. PS Ella Dad says if you dont give him a massive hug and kiss when you get home Bob is out of the window!

  22. You must all be tired out from that climb but what a fantastic view! I hope Mr Webb has now recovered from swimming and all your splashing. We got your lovely postcard thank you Georgia. Looking forward to having you back. Enjoy Wales! Lots of Love, Mum xx

  23. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time. Thanks for the postcard Becca, it arrived yesterday. Keep on having a great time. xx

  24. Missing you all Year 6!! School is so quiet! Mr Webb your class have been very well behaced and have got lots of work done. I hope my lot are letting you all get some sleep and remembering their manners! Mrs H xxx