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Monday, March 25, 2013

John Blow Primary School Arrive!

John Blow school has arrived. After all the snow over the weekend they werent sure they would make it to us. However, the roads cleared and the coach managed to get all the way up the drive! After a quick tour of the house and a bit of time to unpack it was out to the field to have some 'snow sculpture' building and then the wide game which involved lots of running. After this it was in from the cold for hot chocolate and biscuits before some bingo and then dinner. After dinner it was time a quiz and then bed!!


  1. It all looks very beautiful! Special hello to Milo...MISS YOU X

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful time Charlotte!!

    Hope you are having a great birthday.

    Mummy, Finn and me are missing you.

    Lots of Love, Daddy. XXXX

  3. This looks amazing fun, Mr Matthews your very lucky. What a beautiful place, stunning. Much love to Avelyn x x x

  4. Can anyone spot the spelling mistake in my previous comment kids? Avelyn can give you a reward from me when you get back. Only the first one to get it right, pending Mr Matthews agreement of course.

  5. Wow look at all that snow - have a lovely time Tommy - Wellie sends love-

  6. Wow it looks very snowy and very cold!!! I hope Joel hasnt fallen out of bed yet!!! Love you lots mummy and daddy

  7. Nous pensons très fort a toi.
    Vous avez beaucoup de chance, ici toute la neige a fondu!
    J'espère que vous n'avez pas trop froid!!
    Papa,Maman,Jon et Juno!!

  8. Hi Ben, we can see your having lots of fun in the snow, wish we were all there with you having a snowman competition. Hope you get to build lots. Spencer is looking after all your friends. Miss you lots, Mummy, Daddy & Jack xxx

  9. Hi Kids!
    Since you won't be here for your French lesson on thursday, I thought I ought to remind you of some vocab that seems appropriate...
    "Aujourd'hui il fait froid"
    "Il y a beaucoup de neige"
    "Il y a du soleil"
    and a new one... "On s'amuse bien!!"(ask Ben to translate...)
    For those who can remember it, you could even try and sing "Santiano"!!
    Have a great time!
    Mrs Galbraith

  10. Hi Eleanor and everyone.
    It's been quiet at home.....and we are missing you! The venue looks fab. Keep warm love from Mum and Dad (and Sam says hello) xxx

  11. Hi Lucy
    Looks like you are having fun in all the snow, hope you are managing to stay warm! Hope you enjoyed the activities at Stars. Enjoy the rest of the week. It seems very quiet at home with just Oliver!
    Lots of love
    Mummmy, Daddy and Oliver. Rusty says woof,woof!!

  12. 'Iechyd da'
    Hey Joe H and class mates!
    Wow! Great looking at all the snow and all the fun you're all having! I think the french vocab is very useful - not sure about the sunny one though! Very cold here... just no snow! Hope you are all getting to see all that's planned - heard some roads were closed due to snow in Llanberis and Denbigh! Keep warm all - but then the Welsh are good at that! Enjoy!