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Friday, April 26, 2013

Marlborough - day 4

As the sun rose on our last day at Plas Nantglyn, the children began their last activities – fun, frolics and complete competitiveness shone through. The 1st activity, the bottle run, saw teams trying to transport a large bottle attached to rope around an obstacle course of many trees and a stream. 3 attempts by each team were had with gradual improvements each time, eventually supreme winners were the Terrible Tankinis and Maori-Tubbies, with an astonishing time of 1:01minutes. Next was the Disc Run, where relay teams had to run ALL over the large field to find different coloured discs and bring them back to base. The teachers enjoyed watching them all become completely and utterly exhausted in their determination to scour the entire field and become champions! A quick lunch again before a final pack up, and annual awards were handed out to children (and teachers!) before boarding the coach back to Macclesfield. We have had an amazing week with our Year 5s who have behaved brilliantly and been a pleasure to be with! Thank you kids – we hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marlborough - Day 3

Hi Folks,
We have reached day 3 of  our North Wales adventure and our feet have not touched the ground today, although Mrs Pollard enjoyed a very long cat nap on the coach!! The day began with a trip to Llechwedd Slate Cavern where the children experienced what life would have been like for  a Victorian 10 year old, dangerously extracting slate for the princely sum of 12p a day.The deep mines astounded us and the scale of the 'cathedrals' were breathtaking. We had a VERY rushed lunch before we boarded the Ffestiniog Steam Train where the gentle motion lulled some of our kiddiewinks to sleep! Fresh air beckoned and we enjoyed breathing in the fresh sea air whilst playing cricket, finding crabs and collecting shells. A long return journey back to Plas Nantglyn where we enjoyed our last night of evening activities - rope swinging like Tarzan again, dam building, Rugby and a ghostly nighttime tale with hot chocolate before lights out on our final full day. Fun games in the gorgeous grounds of the house await our little monkeys tomorrow. We've thoroughly enjoyed our holiday here so far and will be taking back many fond memories!
The Tinkers of 5GW after being found in the sand dunnes!

Where's the popcorn?

You expect us to climb up there?!

Where are the bloomin' teachers? 1st class? PAH!!

A Pools Specail - Spot the ball!
The gorgeous 5H before their dip in the sea! 

Can we keep it as a pet?
"Excuse me? Is this the queue for the teacher's jobs as they've been employed down the mine?" 


The queue for the height line to see who measures up for a life underground!

Are we nearly there yet? Where's Mrs Dempsey in her tankinin?!

Quick!!! JAWS!!!!

Stop trying to hit the ball at the teachers!

Get a tissue Louis!!!

5 points for splashing Mrs Pollard!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Marlborough at Stars

Fresh as daisies, our lively bunch woke up this morning excited about the day's fun activities that lay in wait! Archery, crate stacking, rock climbing, aeroball, team challenge and mock caving were all undertaken with boundless energy and smiles. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, facing new challenges and overcoming fears (although that was more for the staff!!). A repeat of the evening again - endless fun on the rope swing above the stream, some splashing (and falling) in the stream, and crazy ball games on the huge field until the light faded. Warm drinks and a bedtime story then...zzzzzzzz.
Transporting the water around the obstacle course on team challenge.

The milk men in Wales are very lazy and needed our help stacking crates!

Eat your heart out Spiderman!

The fab game of Aeroball.

great fun - no teachers hiding in these caves!

Robin Hood training school.
Hanging about!

The children will do anything to avoid the wrath of Mrs Pollard!

First one to the top doesn't have to wash up!

Team Challenge - Go Greens!

Don't forget the arrows kids!


Smile for the camera!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marlborough arrive!

Marlborough arrived today after visiting Bodelwyddan Castle. There was a slight delay in setting off but after they got under way it was off to the castle. At Bodelwyddan the children had a lesson in patterns in nature including press printing. Then after a quick lunch and a play on the adventure playground it was off for a tour with Mrs Humphries the housekeeper. They arrived at the centre at about half past four and after unpacking there was time for a quick play on the field before tea time. After tea there was still time to get back out and into the stream to play on the rope swing. Pictures of the day are below........ 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

LSH at the centre

LSH have been at the centre all day doing activities. After breakfast, it was time for the bottle run with an excellent winning time of 57.9 seconds. Then they completed the obstacle course and cooked waffles on a fire. Fun in the stream then happened before lunch. After food it was time for the orienteering course around the village of Nantglyn and then some time using the parachute before some rugby training in preparation for tomorrows game. A camp fire finished the night off before lights out!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Liverpool St Helens Rugby Club arrive!

LSH rugby club have come for a weekend of teambuilding culminating in a tournament in nearby denbigh on Sunday. They arrived with us at around 3:45pm and after a quick tour and unpack it was time to use up some energy with the wide game. This did tire a few out so we went for a more intellectual team challenge after this of breaking codes.  There are a few photos below of the group and there will be plenty mroe uploaded in the evening tomorrow.....