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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Marlborough at Stars

Fresh as daisies, our lively bunch woke up this morning excited about the day's fun activities that lay in wait! Archery, crate stacking, rock climbing, aeroball, team challenge and mock caving were all undertaken with boundless energy and smiles. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, facing new challenges and overcoming fears (although that was more for the staff!!). A repeat of the evening again - endless fun on the rope swing above the stream, some splashing (and falling) in the stream, and crazy ball games on the huge field until the light faded. Warm drinks and a bedtime story then...zzzzzzzz.
Transporting the water around the obstacle course on team challenge.

The milk men in Wales are very lazy and needed our help stacking crates!

Eat your heart out Spiderman!

The fab game of Aeroball.

great fun - no teachers hiding in these caves!

Robin Hood training school.
Hanging about!

The children will do anything to avoid the wrath of Mrs Pollard!

First one to the top doesn't have to wash up!

Team Challenge - Go Greens!

Don't forget the arrows kids!


Smile for the camera!

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