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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marlborough - Day 3

Hi Folks,
We have reached day 3 of  our North Wales adventure and our feet have not touched the ground today, although Mrs Pollard enjoyed a very long cat nap on the coach!! The day began with a trip to Llechwedd Slate Cavern where the children experienced what life would have been like for  a Victorian 10 year old, dangerously extracting slate for the princely sum of 12p a day.The deep mines astounded us and the scale of the 'cathedrals' were breathtaking. We had a VERY rushed lunch before we boarded the Ffestiniog Steam Train where the gentle motion lulled some of our kiddiewinks to sleep! Fresh air beckoned and we enjoyed breathing in the fresh sea air whilst playing cricket, finding crabs and collecting shells. A long return journey back to Plas Nantglyn where we enjoyed our last night of evening activities - rope swinging like Tarzan again, dam building, Rugby and a ghostly nighttime tale with hot chocolate before lights out on our final full day. Fun games in the gorgeous grounds of the house await our little monkeys tomorrow. We've thoroughly enjoyed our holiday here so far and will be taking back many fond memories!
The Tinkers of 5GW after being found in the sand dunnes!

Where's the popcorn?

You expect us to climb up there?!

Where are the bloomin' teachers? 1st class? PAH!!

A Pools Specail - Spot the ball!
The gorgeous 5H before their dip in the sea! 

Can we keep it as a pet?
"Excuse me? Is this the queue for the teacher's jobs as they've been employed down the mine?" 


The queue for the height line to see who measures up for a life underground!

Are we nearly there yet? Where's Mrs Dempsey in her tankinin?!

Quick!!! JAWS!!!!

Stop trying to hit the ball at the teachers!

Get a tissue Louis!!!

5 points for splashing Mrs Pollard!

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