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Friday, April 26, 2013

Marlborough - day 4

As the sun rose on our last day at Plas Nantglyn, the children began their last activities – fun, frolics and complete competitiveness shone through. The 1st activity, the bottle run, saw teams trying to transport a large bottle attached to rope around an obstacle course of many trees and a stream. 3 attempts by each team were had with gradual improvements each time, eventually supreme winners were the Terrible Tankinis and Maori-Tubbies, with an astonishing time of 1:01minutes. Next was the Disc Run, where relay teams had to run ALL over the large field to find different coloured discs and bring them back to base. The teachers enjoyed watching them all become completely and utterly exhausted in their determination to scour the entire field and become champions! A quick lunch again before a final pack up, and annual awards were handed out to children (and teachers!) before boarding the coach back to Macclesfield. We have had an amazing week with our Year 5s who have behaved brilliantly and been a pleasure to be with! Thank you kids – we hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

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