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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A day at Plas Nant Glyn

A day at Plas Nant Glyn  Thursday 13th June 2013

This morning we enjoyed a late breakfast of sausage and beans and spent some time working on our scrap books.

Afterwards, we were given a map of the local area and sent on an orienteering expedition in the pouring rain.  To say we got drenched would be an understatement!!!

We were sent out in our day groups, in 5 minute intervals and had to follow the map around the course.  Unfortunately a few groups did lose their way and one even ended up on the wrong side of a field!  Luckily, some well-placed staff managed to direct them onto the correct course and all children and adults arrived back safely (eventually)!

We were treated to a lovely lunch of burgers and then enjoyed an afternoon of activities outside, once the rain had subsided.  Games included the Wide game, where we were searching for different coloured discs to obtain maximum points, a code breaking game, a bottle-run course and dam building.  The teachers managed to smash their bottle-run record and did the course in a record 41 seconds!

By the end of the day we were all completely soaked and ready for a warm shower.

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