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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holy Trinity @ the centre

Today was spent at the centre completing the bottle run in the morning. The best team came in at a very respectable 58 seconds, which was then beaten by a dream team made up from one member of each group who stormed though the course in 51 seconds to build the pressure on the teachers team. However, they did triumph coming in with a personal best time of 48 seconds. After this it was time for the wide game where teams had to transport enough liquid to give Jimmy Anderson an energy for his bowling in the Ashes cricket. Then it was time for a quick bit of lunch in preparation for the walks in the afternoon. There were 3 lengths of walk - the Super Duper long walkers, the Super long walkers and the long walkers who all did a great job with minimal complaining. The evening was spent playing tig dogs, football, a campfire fire with the crowning of Mr and Mrs Wales and finally a night walk looking at the stars and listening out for any night life we could.

The staff team were pretty happy with the time!

Buying souvenirs.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holy Trinity @ Stars

Holy Trinity went off to Stars activity centre in Denbigh today and had a great time completing activities including the climbing wall, aeroball, caving, archery, a team challenge and crate stacking. The crate stacking was a new challenge this year and a number of children reached the maximum of 13 crates high and on the climbing wall some managed to scale it blindfolded! After tea it was time for a quick wide game before some sports on the field. 
Relaxing in the garden

Team challenge

Lunch at Stars



Crate Stacking

The climbing wall

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holy Trinity @ Plas Nantglyn

Today has been spent at the centre completing mystery activities in the morning and then the wayfaring/orienteering in the afternoon. The mystery activities included the obstacle course which had a new (controversial) venue this year, building bridges over streams and cooking waffles on a fire. The afternoon was then spent completing the orienteering course around the village. All teams made it back safely but there were no world records!  The evening was spent doing a round robin of activities including the scavenger hunt, artwork in the garden and playing rounders. This was then followed by another nail-biting game of football which was decided on penalties (again).
The obstacle course at its new grass court venue.

The rope swing activity got a few people wet.

Lovely fire - now let's get cooking.

Listening carefully to the instructions for orienteering.

Nearly there.....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Holy Trinity arrive via Chester Zoo

Holy Trinity, Stacksteads arrived with us today. They stopped off on the way at Chester Zoo and then getting to us at about 4pm. Just enough time to get into dormitories and unpack before tea. After tea it was time for some activities on the field including an epic game of football which once again was decided on penalties!! Time for a story now before bed, ready for an action packed day at the centre tomorrow.

Welcome to Holy Trinity Primary School

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Longstone at Plas Nantglyn

Longstone Primary School arrived from Derbyshire on Tuesday and have had a great time, full of adventure and excitement! On Tuesday the group stopped off at Llyn Brenig in the glorious sunshine and went for a 6 mile walk around. The next day was spent at the Stars centre in nearby Denbigh where they completed 6 activities including rock climbing, aeroball, crate stacking and archery.  Today was spent at the centre doing activities in the morning including cooking on fires, dam building, bridge building, code breakers and the famous bottle run! The afternoon was spent orienteering followed by a wide game in the evening and a camp fire to finish.
Off we go!

Walking around the reservoir


Helping load up the bales.


The VERY popular aeroball.

Crate stacking

Rock climbing

Building and then cooking waffles on a fire

Building bridges

Sending coded messages

The rope swing

Orienteering around the village

A nice way to end the day!