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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holy Trinity @ the centre

Today was spent at the centre completing the bottle run in the morning. The best team came in at a very respectable 58 seconds, which was then beaten by a dream team made up from one member of each group who stormed though the course in 51 seconds to build the pressure on the teachers team. However, they did triumph coming in with a personal best time of 48 seconds. After this it was time for the wide game where teams had to transport enough liquid to give Jimmy Anderson an energy for his bowling in the Ashes cricket. Then it was time for a quick bit of lunch in preparation for the walks in the afternoon. There were 3 lengths of walk - the Super Duper long walkers, the Super long walkers and the long walkers who all did a great job with minimal complaining. The evening was spent playing tig dogs, football, a campfire fire with the crowning of Mr and Mrs Wales and finally a night walk looking at the stars and listening out for any night life we could.

The staff team were pretty happy with the time!

Buying souvenirs.


  1. Great to see what they've been up to! Can't wait to have Declan back tomorrow. Looks like he's had lots of fun! X

  2. Have a fantastic last day tomorrow, can't wait for you to get home Jamie :)

  3. Looking like all had fun shame Francesca don't do photos not seen any of her :( roll on tomorrow