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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thorley Hill day 4

Another jam packed day, as I write we have only just finished our evening activities!

Once again the children needed waking at 7:30, a sure sign that we wore them out yesterday!

Today we climbed Moel Famau, Welsh for Mother of the Hills. At the top there is a tower built in 1810 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of King George III.

The climb was hard work but the weather held for us and the view from the top was amazing.

The children had to cook their own lunch, lighting the fires took longer than expected but everyone was fed before we left for orienteering.


The orienteering went very well, no children got lost and Team 2 were victorious with a time of 40 minutes.

After tea the children took part in another one of Mr Gordon's famous wide games. This one involved me having a water pistol, no one got wet...

Once again the children have been superb today, they are looking forward to the multi-activity day tomorrow.

Mr Webb


  1. wow! Moel Famau looks wonderful! Well done Y6 at reaching the top! Lovely photos and thanks for the blog Mr W.

  2. Great pictures, view looks amazing.
    Presley where's your hoodie??
    Look forward to tomorrow's blog
    Thanks Mr Webb

  3. I love the photo at the top of the hill! I'm glad to hear that nobody got lost orienteering :-)

  4. Hi everyone,
    The pictures look great! Missing you all. See you soon :)
    from Anishka

    We are all missing you but it looks like you are all having a fab time. Enjoy the last day and we will see you tomorrow
    Love Mrs H xxx

  5. You are all look like your having a brilliant time and none of you will want to come home, well the teachers might! Enjoy your last day. Lucy did you not like your friends cooking yesterday?!

  6. OMG what a fabulous picture of you all at the top of Moel Famau. Very impressed with you all cooking your own lunch. Don't think you liked yours Lucy by the look on your face haha. Can tell by the photos that everyone is having a fab time. Loving the blog Mr Webb.

  7. More great photos of you all. The weather looks great now. We are all missing you, it seems very odd in assembly with an empty space where you all usually sit. I can't wait to hear all of your stories next week. See you tomorrow!