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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Holy Trinity at the centre

Holy Trinity have spent the day at the centre. The morning was spent completing 6 mystery activities and then the afternoon was wayfaring around the village. Evening activities were games on the field and then cooking waffles and marshmallows on the fire....

Creating landscape paintings in the garden

Dam building in the stream

Art in the rose garden

The rope swing

The big football match

Scavenger hunt

Completing the wayfaring course

Beware of the Welsh dragons!

Don't spill the water on the obstacle course!

Upset Mrs Warburton in the stream at your peril!

Looking for the Welsh treasures

Happy Birthday to you!

Chocolate cake!!!!!!

Preparing the fire for cooking waffles

Mmmmmm!  Delicious

Toasting marshmallows

Eating marshmallows


  1. Nice to see Dec and everyone having fun! Looks great! ��

  2. Ahhh beautiful pics from today xxx keep smiling kids xxx

  3. Amelia on a rope the swing? I hope you had an ambulance on stand by.

  4. looks like everyone having a brill time , thanks so much for doing happy birthday for emily xxx

  5. Good to see you all having so much fun, missing you Ruby!! Mum, Dad, Isobel and Archie X

  6. There's confidence for you: kids in shorts and t-shirt, Mrs. Warburton in a caghool!
    Interesting items in the scavenger hunt. You would see them better if you looked through your glasses rather than over them Connor! Been better finding gold in the Welsh hills than feathers and cones! Looks fun.

  7. Looks like you're all having loads of fun!! Hope you saved me a marshmallow Charlie :-) enjoy the rest of your week son, loads of love from mum, dad, Oliver and plum cat xxxxx

  8. Hello Lauren. Looks like you are having great fun.
    Love Nan, Natalie and mum

    Sent on behalf of Paula Tullock

  9. Looks like Jacob enjoyed his cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think the teachers should take the lessons with the welsh dragon suits on when back at school . Have fun josh sabri from mum, dad Ethan and Scott xx