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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holy Trinity at the centre

A hearty breakfast before a busy day

Breakfast time

Taking part in the bottle run

Relaxing at dinner time

Waiting to do the bottle run

Using the tree bark to provide an antedote to the Luis Suarez Mouthwash side effects!!

Quick - stop the mouthwash getting through!

Bottle run

Enjoying the sunshine

On the super-duper  mega-long walk

A well deserved drinks break on the walk

Getting wood for the camp fire

Enjoying our lunch

Helping to tidy up after tea

The camp fire gets going

Enjoying the camp fire

Mr and Miss Wales 2014!!  Well done!!


  1. Night night all xxx can't wait until 4.30 tomoz xxxx

  2. Can't wait till tomorrow! Looks like he's had a good time! Thanks for the photos �� xx

  3. Can't wait to see mummy's little soilder !! C u later xx