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Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy Trinity @ Blue Planet Aquarium on their way to Wales!

Holy Trinity arrived today for the 20th time! A great trip to the Blue Planet aquarium followed by a brief jaunt to the beach in Rhyl before heading to the centre for tea and a huge game of football!

Scaring the spiders at the aquarium

Enjoying tea after a long day

Enjoying Blue Planet Aquarium

Tucking in to a good tea

Mrs Warburton relaxing in her throne!

Looking at the sharks at Blue Planet

Football on the field

Meeting Mr Welch

Relaxing on the field


  1. Great to see them having a good time! Easy to spot Dec in bright yellow! X

  2. Looks amazing. Hope everyone from Holy Trinity enjoys their stay.

  3. Ahhh great to see you all arrived safely xxx and had fun along the way xxxx all my love xxx

  4. happy birthday emily t love you loads mum,dad and leah xxxxx

  5. Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves and filling their faces! I hope you teachers enjoyed getting them up as I'm sure they were not asleep by 8!
    Connor- have a good time, but BEHAVE!

  6. Nice to see Emily f (and everyone else) safe and well. Hope you are all having fun. Can't wait till next blog. Xx

  7. Good to see your all there safe and having fun :) xx

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