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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holy Trinity @ Stars

Holy Trinity have spent the day at Stars having a great time climbing, caving and much more......

Getting ready to climb


"Accidentally" squirting water at children whilst on the obstacle course!

Learning about fencing

On the climbing wall

Navigating the obstacle course

On the zip wire


Don't spill the water!

Tucking in to a well deserved tea

Enjoying our tea after a long day

Servers getting ready to wash up

Drying up after tea

Listening to the bedtime story


  1. Brilliant photos of the day. So nice to see you all... Emily Fitton enjoying her food! Mr T enjoying accidentally wetting the kids..haha :-) Have fun tomorrow. Xx

  2. Looks like great fun hope year 6 are enjoying their time together. We look forward to seeing josh sabri on friday

  3. Mark looks like a pro at archery, can't wait to see you tomorrow sunshine even josh is missing you :o xx

  4. Looks like you are all having loads of fun, can't wait to hear all about it Charlie, lots of love from grandma and auntie Nicola. Xxxx

  5. i recommend any yr 5's that didn't go this year to definitely go next year as they that will be the last time they can go and they will be missing out if they dont go they will love it even if they think they will be home sick i felt the same when i went but once ur there u love it! thanks Luke Ritson year 6 2014