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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kirkby at the centre

Bridge building begins ......

Separated at birth?

Den building - Kirkby style!  

All fired up and waffle to go.

Look at our bridge... it's great.

Team work at its best.

Let me think .... straw, sticks or bricks. Great choice!

C'mon only 5 miles to go! (sorry 8.4 metres)

A well earned rest. (still only 6.7 metres to go)

The welsh equivalent of St.Chad's.


  1. Hi jack only 1 more night then i get to kiss you and hug you so tight looks like you had a great time making good memories goodnight baby see you soon xxx mum and dad (feeling excited) xx

  2. Hi Colby, nice to see you wearing your wellies and socks lol, cant believe all the fun stuff you've been doing, big thankyou to all your teachers and the staff at that lovely place for giving you a lovely holiday with your friends. I got your postcard today, glad your enjoying the food!!!!!!!, see you tomorrow sweet dreams love you xxx

  3. Hiya Sadie looks like your all having the most amazing time! Bet your glad you went now and not March as weather been lovely xxx were all missing you loads x luv u millions can't wait to see you tomorrow xxx

  4. Hi, Anthea soooooo glad u had another fantastic day, and will see you tomorrow, luv u

  5. Hi amber hope you are having a fabulous time and we all cant wait to see you tomorrow love you lots! Amelia, mum, dad xxxx

  6. Yey your home today Robyn. You all look to be having a great time. Love seeing all these photos especially the ones of my baby girl smiling her gorgeous smile. Have a fab last day. See you in 8 hours x love you millions mum, dad, Lilli, Ruby and all of the bunnies Xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hay Caitlin, looks like you all had another amazing day!
    Can't wait to see you later for a big squeeze :D love looking at all the fabulous pictures wish I was there with you.
    Love mum dad Lacey Six and Buddy xxxxxx

  8. hi nika love the pictures looks great can't wait to see you later babes safe journey home to you all love mummy xxx

  9. Kyla - looks like you have had a fantastic week. We've all missed you though and can't wait for you to get home later. Lots of love: everyone at home :) have a safe trip back xxxx

  10. I would like to say a very big thank you to all the staff and the owners for giving my daughter Sarah the best holiday and to all the teachers of Kirkby C of E for looking after her, it looks like the had a amazing time
    Thank you xxxx