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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sandhills arrive!

After our coach driver skillfully maneuvered his way out of Sandhills, we made good ground in good time. We arrived at Chester bang on time and following a quick lunch we made our way to the Town Hall, where we were met by our Roman Soldier tour guides. We visited the remains of an amphitheater and learnt about the gory entertainment that the hoards of Romans could expect to see not too long ago. We were taken to the Roman bathing halls where we learnt about the 3 part routine that the gladiators would indulge in while cleaning, including saunas, scented oils and  ice baths. Shortly after our tour we were back on the road and before long we arrived at our final destination,    Plas Nantglyn. The children enjoyed their dinner, which was served by some of their peers, and then made the most of the warm evening playing on the field and braving the rope swing over the stream. The children are now settled in their beds in preparation for what is sure to be a fun packed day tomorrow.  


  1. Nice to see our kids're having fun! Good photos, we need more!

  2. Looks like a great trip accompanied by super weather! I agree with the above tho, we definately need more pics!

  3. looks like they are all having a wonderful time! cant wait to hear all about it on their return x