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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sandhills at the Conwy, the beach and the camp fire

Today we travelled to the Welsh coast to visit Conwy Castle. We were given a tour of the castle, where we learnt all about its design features and what it would have been like to live there at the time. The children were all very interested, but they were most excited about being able to spend their money in the gift shops! Thankfully, there were not too many toy weapons to worry about this time.
The weather allowed us to make a brief stop at the seaside where the children were able to paddle and play ball games. It was this evenings After Eight game, however, that the children seemed to most enjoy.
We finished the day with a small bonfire and Mr Welsh's bed time story. The children were definitely ready for bed and are now (mostly) sound asleep.
We have all had a superb week and are looking forward to a restful weekend.

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