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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sandhills at Plas Y Brenin

Waffles, cream and honey was the perfect breakfast to fuel our adventure packed day! We hit the road early and Mrs Morgan spent the majority of the journey nursing our front riders. It was an extremely twisty road!! 
The low ropes really tested the children's communication and cooperation skills. A whole array of team problem solving activities, including balance wires, rope swings and blind tunnel, kept the children engaged for hours. 
The lake for our canoeing activity was surrounded by beautiful mountainous terrain. The children were very excited to take to the water and attempt to learn how to canoe. Some pairs were very quick to pick up the technique of turning and most were able to get their canoe to move in a straight line. Several groups of children were fortunate enough to splash and swim around in the lake after their canoeing session (with helmets and buoyancy aids of course). Unfortunately, one group was unable to swim as a close by 'storm' had created some turbulent waters. 
The indoor climbing walls put the children's nerves to the test. It turns out that we have a lot of budding Mr Cobbs in the making. 


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